Processor Service

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Evolve has years of experience providing prompt, reliable service and maintenance for film processors. Our customers have come to expect that their processors will operate at the highest possible performance. We understand that equipment down time is not acceptable and therefore, we are dedicated to a timely and reliable resolution.
Services Include
Preventative maintenance
Rack cleaning
Parts evaluation and replacement
Tempering systems checked
Transport systems checked
Chemical recirculation checked
Chemical mixer functions
Specific gravity checked
Venting checked / dryer cleaned
Replenishment rates checked
Screens and tubing checked
Electrical system, motor, pumps checked
Other Services and Products
Film processor sales
Installations / de-installations
Image quality inspection
Extensive inventory of parts
Automatic mixers
Chemistry sales
Film sales
Darkroom accessories
Darkroom design assistance
Customized services / schedules
Automatic service
Service logs & history database
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