Film Recycling

Safe & Secure
Evolve services span the New England states. We are licensed and insured, and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. As environmental stewards, Evolve strictly monitors all processes to ensure the adherence of state and federal regulations. In doing so, customers can feel good about their green efforts and purging their outdated film. Our customers see tangible benefits such as increased office space and significantly lower storage costs.
If Your Film is Stored Offsite
Whether or not your film is stored onsite or offsite it still belongs to you, and therefore, you are still in control of its value. Evolve offers one of the most financially rewarding recycling programs in the areas we service. You will receive the real value of your film within 30 days of pickup.
Why is film valuable?
Silver is released from x-ray film during development and can successfully be recovered from processing chemicals and recycled. Discarded film also contains a dry solid form of silver that once chemically washed can be reclaimed, leaving behind clean valuable plastics. These plastics can also be recycled since they have many uses and are in demand.
Film recycling with Evolve offers
Payment of the full value in 30 Days
Significant reduction in storage and system maintenance fees
Guarantees the secure collection and destruction of confidential materials
HIPAA compliant
Offers Certificate of Destruction
Packaging equipment provided or we can package your film for you
Bulk purging (or visual inspection purging available)
Reclaims silver and polyester from x-ray film, lithographic, and other silver bearing films
Paper jackets and inserts are cross-shredded and turned into a fine pulp for re-use
Nothing goes to landfill
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